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EventiFocus: Project Management for Meetings & Events

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With its global representation from across the global events ecosystem, the APEX COVID-19 Business Recovery Task Force provides a voice in planning, preparing, and participating in our recovery while shaping the ongoing narrative on the impact of our industry. 

The task force follows two parallel paths. The first path is to address the immediate need for guidance on accepted practices and work already underway to restart the industry. 

The second path addresses the long-term need to examine adaptation and transformation for the future stability of our workforce and the relevance and resiliency of our industry. 

Please take this time to review the essential guide book along with all other resources at Events Industry Council.

This guidance also is intended to be global and universal in nature. The work will continue to evolve through regional workshops led by task force members, to ensure it is understood and applied broadly. 

The Accepted Practices Guides are available via the FlippingBook platform. You can toggle between pages, download, or print the guide using icons at the bottom of the window. You can enlarge your view of the guide by selecting the full screen/four directional arrow icon next to the magnifying glass. Clickable links will have a grey box around the text when you hover with your mouse over the text.