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CMP Course: When I decided to take on the CMP certification, I was unsure in which direction to go when it came to preparation.  I decided to go with OmniPear because it was recommended by the EIC, offered comprehensive study material, and completion of the course gave me EUs to use toward my eligibility.  After completing the online course, I can honestly say that taking the OmniPear course was the best decision I could have made. In the very user-friendly online classroom, Sir Dion provides a thoughtful strategy to studying by going module by module based on the exam itself, and enhancing manual material with personal tips from his exam experience.  And his support does not end once you complete the course – invested in our success to the end, he stays in touch and embarks with you on a 2 week “burn” as your exam day gets closer.  And, the resource guide he provides is absolute gold! This course is worth every penny of the investment, and then some.  Dion is a wonderful mix of course instructor and fellow event manager.  By understanding our journey, Dion is truly effective giving us the knowledge and confidence to succeed.  I can not recommend OmniPear enough!

Karen Kobleur

BOE Course: Shout out to Dion Magee and his “Business Road of Excellence ROADMAP: Entrepreneurial Pathway to Success Series”. I was looking to revise my business plan and refresh my event planning business, so I purchased the “VIP All-Access Pass” for step-by-step instruction on building the foundation for successful growth. The individual lessons come in bite-size chunks that are easy to digest. Dion Magee’s voice is melodic and not overpowering. From building the foundation to operations, pricing strategy, marketing and financials, the information and tools he delivers along the way make it easy to follow.  The investment of my time, money, and energy was worth every penny! I’m excited to start fresh and continue to build my business from here.


CMP Course: I can not recommend OmniPear’s CMP Boot Camp Course (or Sir Dion!) highly enough. I truly have the course and Dion to thank for my passing grade. The multifaceted approach to learning: having the auditory and visual support of the videos plus referencing back to reading and practice quizzes – the all-encompassing approach to the course was extremely effective, not to mention the frequent personal check-ins from Dion! A++ support!!

PHOEBE Dawson - Director of hospitality - westland distillery

CMP Course: OmniPear was key in obtaining my CMP. It has been years since I had to study for an exam and I definitely did not know where to start, which made OmniPear the ideal program for me. Everything is laid out in a way that makes sense — what is best — is that you can go at your own pace or follow the personalized plan. Sir Dion Magee is there every step of the way, he’s truly is invested in the success of his students. He goes the extra mile to ensure the material are understood. If extra material is needed, he will give you access to it or in my case, he created more challenging tests —  what’s best is part — there are no additional costs. Thank you Dion, your support through this journey is greatly appreciated. To everyone thinking about obtaining their CMP, I highly recommend this course, you will not regret it (:


NATALIE CARILLO - senior catering sales manager - hilton

MSEP Course: Thank you Sir Dion Magee and his team for creating a remarkable, informative, and engaging opportunity for event professionals.

Marissa Peduto, MSEP, Event Coordinator at Northwood Ravin

CMP Course:  The quizzes were very helpful in understanding how the questions would be structured on the exam. Great course! Followed the EIC manual, was thorough, and the right topics were highlighted… felt very prepared going into the exam. Thank you!

kimberly farthing - Senior Event Manager | Business Meetings, Incentives, and Tradeshows

BOE Course: “OMNIPEAR helped my business succeed by creating a precise, concise, and well-executed business plan”. Here is my video testimonial


CMP Course: “Thank you for your time and insight into the content, workflow, and offerings of the CMP Training course. You’ve helped to solidify that, yes, this course is precisely what I want (and need!) in my pursuit of the CMP.”

Phoebe Dawson

CGSP Course: “I earned my Certified Guest Services Professional certification and I landed a new restaurant manager job with ease. Thank you my twin brother, I love you for training me too”

Adrian Magee, CGSP - Restaurant General Manager

CMP Course: “ Thank you OMNIPEAR for your guidance, teaching, and extra time in helping me become a CMP. After I failed the first item, you created more prep exams, and prep videos and called me weekly to ensure that I was ready the second time around. Guys, please use someone who is certified and has academic credentials like Sir Dion Magee and his team. I am so grateful”   


CMP Course: “What a wonderful CMP course, I wanted more resources around planning for CMP exam, and the complimentary courses were very good and short to the point. I passed my CMP too!”


MSEP Course: “Thank you for providing a platform for individuals to continue their learning process and having the opportunity to learn the foundation. I would like to thank Sir Dion Magee and his fellow peers for creating such an amazing platform that allowed me to be educated on the fundamentals and advanced outlook of project management and its connections with various event styles”   

Miguel Morales III, Master Series Event Professional (MSEP) of EPMF

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